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May 27, 2020


Trif & Vanya Trifonov – Pray that the Lord would help us give hope to those who have suffered the most during the lockdown – people in depression, unemployed people, people struggling with loneliness, etc. Pray that more Bulgarians would get a deeper realization of their vulnerability and insecurity in a time of pandemic and turn to Jesus Christ as their only hope. Pray for economic recovery after the recession caused by the lockdown.

Jonathan & Amy Postlewaite – Praise God for the individuals who have agreed to start leading the praise and worship part of our church gatherings in Pleven and the village of Odarne. Pray that they would continue to grow spiritually as they become more involved in service. Over the next week, we will be having several one-on-one meetings with friends who are not yet believers. Please pray that God would give us opportunities to speak about Him during these conversations, and pray that they would continue to seek Him.

Tim & Lydia Awtrey – Praise God that after a two-month hiatus we have started meeting together in the church building with 90% of the people returning. Please pray for people that were part of our English Clubs and Alpha outreach groups before we had to cancel them. Pray that God will continue to allow us ways to witness to them. Pray for a lady that will be attending church for the first time in her life this Sunday. Pray that God will speak to her in a clear and personal way. Please pray that God will give us a young Bulgarian person/couple whom we can train up to be the future pastor of the church in Svishtov.

Brenton & Debbie Driscoll – Yesterday (May 26) we heard from the Bulgarian Consulate that Brenton’s visa has been approved! Once again, our God has proven to us that His plans and timing are perfect. We are giving Him all the praise and are overwhelmed by His amazing provision! The visa should arrive in the mail by the end of the week. Please pray that we will now be able to book good tickets for our upcoming departure next week. We are also in the process of moving out of our apartment and saying goodbye to many friends, so pray for grace during this time as well.


Adam & Carol Duncan – Please pray for peace and stability, especially in the capital, Quito. According to WHO statistics, Ecuador has been the hardest hit South American Country in the recent pandemic both in per capita cases (though Brazil is rapidly catching up) as well as economically. The ongoing stay-at-home order caused the economy to grind to a halt. Yesterday the government announced 150,000 furloughs of government employees and liquidation of the largest Ecuadorian Airline. This led to a new round of protests in Quito, which led to a police/military response today. There is an increasing number of cases in the jungle and virtually all tourism has stopped, leading to additional economic hardship among those least equipped to cope. Please pray that cooler heads will prevail and those on the ground can share the peace of the gospel, as well as meeting practical needs, in this time of crisis.

Jeff & Susana Turnbough (ITA) – Please pray for planning meetings this week: ITA Management Team, LMC Online Team, ITA Board, and coaching one of the follow-up groups from the January India leadership training event. I spoke with coworker Crispus today in Mumbai and they are still completely locked down. He told us about COVID infecting believers—one of his church members passed away last week (age 50).


David & Mimi Reeves> – Thank you all for praying for our sweet daughter and the end of Mimi’s pregnancy. We have been blessed for two weeks with a very sweet and calm baby girl. We pray she will love the Lord and serve Him with her life. Thank you also for praying for the Bible study going on online with three French ladies. Lydie and Mimi have read through the gospel of John with them and now we are starting the book of Acts. Keep praying that the word of God transforms their lives. Please keep praying for us to be able to be back in France as soon as possible.

Matt & Cristina Price – Please pray for Cristina Price who has had some complications with the previous surgery…a wire they had inserted and which was to come out on its own, has attached to the tissue. They couldn’t do the procedure that was planned for yesterday and today she will have to go under again as they do another surgery. It shouldn’t be as complicated or as long, but pray with us that it will be successful, that it won’t be as painful, and that she will finally recover fully.

Jonathan & Michelle Chereau – We have just received an email from the National Council of French Evangelicals (CNEF) with a document containing thirty pages of procedures to follow to reopen the church and have Sunday service. They indicated that we could possibly have a visit from the police to verify that everyone is following the rules. Please pray for the Saint Sébastien church and the council in the decisions that we need to make and that we follow the steps carefully in order to reopen.


Bro. Carlisle Hanna – Yesterday my blood pressure went from very high to way too low. Please pray we will be able to get it regulated as it should be. People who make their living by day labor all over the country are suffering. Many are trying to move from where they were working back to where their families are located, but there is no transportation and many are trying to walk (for some this is hundreds of miles). They do not have money nor food. Also, swarms of locusts destroyed everything in their path in six states. Reports say this is the worst invasion in twenty years. It is hard to see food destroyed when so many are in need.


Doug & Miriam Bishop – Pray for our Doug, as he pastors Miharashidai Chapel. Pray for our church people as we return to our normal worship. Pray that more people would come! Pray for our family as our older three go back to school next week. Pray that they would make the most of their time here. Pray for us as we transition back to the States. Pray for us as we set up services, look for a place to live, and also look for a vehicle. Pray for our visas’ paperwork to be completed. Pray for Ms. S, a church member who is engaged to an unbeliever. Pray that the Lord would guide her into making the right decision for marriage. Pray for Mr. A, a seeker, who still meets with our family. Pray that he would accept Christ.

Daniel & Shelby Culwell – We went to the ER Sunday night because Lily had a low-grade fever. After labs and tests, the urine analysis indicated that she has a UTI. Most of the time it can derive from infection in other places, so they did a lumbar puncture. Yesterday they got two results: one said she had bacterial meningitis from E-Coli (which is believed to probably have been contracted at birth and has just now manifested), the other said she was fine and that the infection was only in urine. Because of this, they called it “inconclusive.” They have decided to take the cautious route and treat her for three weeks on IV antibiotics, which will have to be done in the hospital unless we can find a doctor who will come to our home every day. Please pray with us that we can do the IV antibiotics at home. The hospital only allows one parent to be present, so the process will be long and cumbersome if we have to stay at the hospital. Lily is strong and she is doing well.

Jack & Ashley Ketteman – Thank God for an older gentleman, “Mr. K,” who messaged Jack after a recent Zoom online Bible study: “I’m happy I could join your Bible class yesterday. Is there any way for me to get the text you will use at the next class for my preparation? I promise you I will learn it very hard.” Pray he will not only learn what the Bible says, but also that he will meet its Author and place his faith in Jesus.

Nathan & Linda Snow – We are grateful that Japan has begun to slowly lift some of the emergency restrictions. Please pray for us as we seek to help those in our church find a “new normal.” We are praising God for a new believer this month. Mrs. K, a 92-year-old woman, prayed to believe, and to know for sure she will spend eternity in heaven. Please pray for Mr. H and Mr. N, who are seeking answers about what happens to us when our life on this earth is over. We have not been able to meet as often because of gathering restrictions. Pray they will continue to read God’s Word, and for them to be open to the Holy Spirit’s work in their hearts. Our children will restart Japanese school next week (Japanese school year is April to March). This will be another big adjustment for the community. Jacob, our 18-year-old, is trying to make preparations for attending Welch College in the fall, but with so many complications concerning this pandemic, it is challenging. Even now, there is a ban on postal and package services to America from Japan. We are also having difficulty trying to find an SAT or ACT testing date in the summer. Please pray that we can get these details worked out. Thank you!

Rusty & Brenda Carney- Praise God that the national state of emergency has been lifted for all of Japan! There are still a lot of precautions as we enter this new normal. Pray for wisdom as we open the church back up. Also, pray as our two younger kids will be starting back to school next Monday. Pray for a good readjustment for Kelton and a good adjustment for Katherine as it will be her first time going to Japanese kindergarten. Grace will continue distance learning from home.

Shannon Little – So very thankful for the technology that allows me to join in meetings with the Good News Chapel team while I am in America. Please pray that Japan will open the borders soon so that I can return to my ministry there. Please pray for my mom’s pre-op testing today and that her surgeries will go as scheduled on June 1 and June 15 and that she will finally be pain-free after almost 6 months.

Ken & Judy Bailey – We will be “reopening” our church for meetings the beginning of June; with Bible studies, Mommy and Me Class, Iriso Church English and Bible Class, Sunday School, Worship, and afternoon Kids’ Club, all happening in that first week. Please pray for wisdom as we seek to minister in these challenging times.


Eddy & Amanda Simmons – Please pray for Eddy as he continues 2-3 hours of physical therapy daily in Arkansas. Pray for Eddy. He has an MRI on his left knee on May 27. He is getting a second opinion while in Arkansas. Pray for our Samburu leadership team; Jackson, Francis, & Eunice, as they continue to disciple the local believers.


Tim & Kristi Johnson – Please pray for our “extra special” Overseas Apprentice, Alejandro, as he is here in Spain this summer. Currently, he is completing two Maymester classes online at Welch College. He is also attending (virtually) the European Leadership Forum, interviewing missionaries, preparing music for the Alpedrete Church services, reading materials on Spain, and even learning to cook some Spanish recipes. Pray that God will use this experience to solidify future plans for ministry as Alejandro finishes his Missions degree at Welch.

Anthony & Lea Edgmon – This Saturday the Executive Committee of our Federation of FWB Churches in Spain will be meeting virtually. Pray for our small group of churches and the leaders of each one as we determine the best course of action as it relates to the current situation.

Josh & Bethany – We are so thankful to be back on the road and sharing with people about what God is doing in Southern Spain! Pray for safety and wisdom as we travel. Please also pray for the sale of our home in the states. The closing has been pushed off several times due to Covid-19. Pray that we can close on it soon!

Mission Family

Pray for our expecting missionary families: Brenton and Debbie Driscoll (Bulgaria), Samuel and Lauren Riggs (Spain), and Manuel and Noemi (Creative Access). Ask God to give each mom good health and wisdom. Pray each baby will grow and mature as expected.

Please pray for our missionaries, as they continue to seek prayer and financial support during this pandemic.

Pray for former missionaries struggling with a variety of health problems:

Bobby and Sue Aycock (Brazil), Florine Coscia (Brazil), Ledgel and Sharon Ferguson (Ivory Coast and France), Glenda Fulcher (Uruguay and Panama), Mirial Gainer (Japan), Joe Haas (France), Sherwood and Vada Lee (Ivory Coast), Jerry Pinkerton (Côte d’Ivoire), Lloyd Plunkett (Côte d’Ivoire), Amy Robinson (Uruguay), and Don Robirds (Brazil, IM office).