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Prayer Requests

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Hotline Prayer Requests

March 25, 2020


Kenneth Eagleton – Most people across the nation are in quarantine, although it is not a strict one. Almost all of our churches are streaming their services over social media, since gatherings of people are not permitted, and keeping up with members through social media and technology. This is a learning exercise for most churches. Please pray for wisdom and creativity.


Jonathan & Amy Postlewaite – Many Bulgarians whom we know deeply struggle with fear. We know that these fears are now heightened even more during this time of crisis related to the coronavirus pandemic. Pray that God would help us to boldly share words of truth and encouragement with many of our friends and contacts in Pleven who are longing for peace and security. Praise God for the way the people in our churches are being faithful in their walks with the Lord and growing closer to each other during this time of crisis. Praise God for the people who are still hesitant to visit a church gathering but who have recently been listening to our times of worship and Bible teaching via social media.

Trif & Vanya Trifonov – We need a bigger meeting room and more space for our activities, so we trust that God has already taken care of the need. He is in the business of providing for churches, too! But He usually uses people to fulfill His purposes. Would you consider praying and giving towards the fundraiser for our future Outreach Center in Varna? Check out the ⦁ IMpact Bulgaria Project video for more information.

Josh & Lydia Provow – Praise God for Sevdi, who this past week finished a six-month discipleship course and preached his first sermon on Sunday night. Please pray that God would help our church be a blessing to the city of Shumen during this pandemic.


Kenneth Eagleton – Continue to pray for the safety of the elderly in the FWB nursing home in Havana during this period of the epidemic.

Educational Specialists

Jeff & Susana Turnbough (ITA) – Pray for those who are sick and need healing. Pray for protection over those who are not sick. Pray for our leaders’ wisdom as they navigate this pandemic and economic uncertainty. Join us in prayer to guard our hearts from skepticism, cynicism, and negativity. Pray that God will use this pandemic to pave the way for spiritual renewal.

Ivory Coast

Kenneth Eagleton – All churches in Ivory Coast are closed for public services. Our churches have advised members to have family devotions/services. Most of our churches do not have the capability or the internet access to do online services or furnish online content. Please pray for our believers in Ivory Coast during this time.


Daniel & Shelby Culwell – Pray for the safe delivery of our baby girl and that she is healthy!Pray for a safe return to Japan on June 23rd.

Donnie & Ruth McDonald – We have an Easter baptism planned at Good News Chapel. Please pray that it can proceed as planned as an encouragement for all.

Doug & Miriam Bishop – Pray for Doug as he preaches, leads Bible study, and holds a prayer meeting each week. Pray for our kids as they start the next school year in Japanese schools. Oliver is going into 4th, Scarlet is going into 1st, Hazel will be in her last year of preschool, which is kindergarten. Pray for Mr. A as he comes to church each week. We believe that he is so close to becoming a Christian, so please pray that he will make the decision soon! Pray for Ms. S, who is engaged to a non-Christian. She is really struggling with whether or not she should get married, so please pray that God would make the answer clear to her! Pray for the K family, Miriam’s English students from when we lived in Bihoro. They are now in our area and coming to Joy Kids. Pray that they would start coming to church each week, and for their salvation. Pray that God would draw many to himself through our efforts. Pray for our spiritual, mental, and physical health as we minister in a very dark place spiritually.


Eddy & Amanda Simmons – Pray for the members of the five baby Samburu churches to remain faithful. Pray for Kenya as the virus has begun to spread there. All of the recommended hygiene and social distancing recommendations are difficult to follow in Kenya and especially difficult in the area where we minister. Pray for Eddy as he continues to visit doctors. Pray that his scheduled neck procedure will not be canceled. Pray for rain in Sesia (the area of Kenya where we minister). Pray for the upcoming circumcision ceremonies in our ministry area. We are not sure how the Kenyan government-mandated virus restrictions will impact this cultural event. Pray that Eddy will be able to make a quick trip back to Kenya to be part of the circumcision ceremony for the Samburu young men in our area. Many of them are Christ-followers.

Victoria Little – Pray for wisdom in how to continue communication with the students I’ve been discipling. It’s more difficult now that the students are gone for the rest of the semester.


Anthony & Lea Edgmon – 95% of the deaths from the COVID-19 virus in Spain are people who are over 60 years of age. The Alpedrete Church in recent years has had the opportunity to minister in nursing homes in surrounding communities. We have put together a video of a virtual visit with words of encouragement, songs, and Scripture. Pray that God would use this to touch the hearts of residents and workers in these nursing homes.

Tim & Kristi Johnson – Around 40,000 people in Spain have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, and the numbers are growing at staggering rates each day. Pray especially for those who work in the sanitary sector (doctors, nurses, police officers, etc.) as many of them have been infected as they are helping others. Every night since the state of emergency was declared in Spain, people go outside on their balconies to applaud and thank those who are serving. You can see a video taken from our balcony.


Jaimie & Tammy Lancaster – Please pray for the ladies in Tammy’s English class. One of the ladies’ father passed away and we (along with others) were not able to attend the funeral because of self-quarantine and her father was 91 years old. Pray for opportunities to speak the gospel into those lives of our friends and neighbors during this time of uncertainty. Pray that Jesus is the hero of every story and that we keep the focus on him. Pray for friends who have tested positive that God will keep them safe during their sickness.

Steve & Lori Torrison – Please pray for healing for Lori as she has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Pray for the health protection of Steve and our two daughters.

Mission Family

Pray for our expecting missionary families:
Brenton and Debbie Driscoll (Bulgaria), David and Myriam Reeves (France), Samuel and Lauren Riggs (Spain), Daniel and Shelby Culwell (Japan), and Manuel and Noemi (Creative Access). Ask God to give each mom good health and wisdom. Pray each baby will grow and mature as expected.

Pray for former missionaries struggling with a variety of health problems:

Bobby and Sue Aycock (Brazil), Florine Coscia (Brazil), Ledgel and Sharon Ferguson (Ivory Coast and France), Glenda Fulcher (Uruguay and Panama), Mirial Gainer (Japan), Joe Haas (France), Sherwood and Vada Lee (Ivory Coast), Jerry Pinkerton (Côte d’Ivoire), Lloyd Plunkett (Côte d’Ivoire), Amy Robinson (Uruguay), and Don Robirds (Brazil, IM office).